Gail and Remo’s Kitchen Renovation

Needed a fresh colour and a brand new-looking kitchen that will last for many many years to come.
  • Client: Gail and Remo
  • Location: Toorak Gardens
  • Project Type: Kitchen Renovation

About this Project

Gail and Remo were recommended to us by a house painter we have done a number of jobs with. We welcomed the recommendation as they are the sort of people we like to work with.

They had a really nice country-style kitchen finished in what may have been antique white years ago. The paint was yellowing off and also peeling away in numerous spots over the kitchen.

Gail wanted a fresh look and a new-looking kitchen.

Our High-Quality Work

Gail chose to go with a pale green colour for the new fresh paint job. It’s certainly coming back in at the moment as we have done a few jobs in it this year. After spraying some samples for her we ended up settling on Wattyl lichen as it was the best choice for the final finish.

The Result

The end result is a brand new-looking kitchen with a fresh colour that will last for many many more years to come. Check out the after photo.

Gail and Remo were thrilled with the end result and with our turnaround time, this is what they said …

“Brad, Josh, Adam and Candice.. our thanks to you all for the beautiful work on dissembling, painting and restoring the kitchen to such a high standard. Also being so prompt and reliable in feedback and in meeting our deadline. Remo and Gail.”

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